Medical Research at UC Health

UC Health—through its partnership with the University of Cincinnati—offers hundreds of clinical trials to patients in our community and beyond.

Patients & Community

Introduction to UC Health Research Clinical trials would not be possible without the many participants who volunteer. Research is needed to improve health care and offer new solutions and hope to patients. Without it, physicians and scientists cannot develop new and improved diagnostic tools, medications, devices, or treatment protocols.
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Research Sponsors

Partner with UC Health for your clinical trials UC Health is committed to advancing medical knowledge through clinical research. University of Cincinnati investigators have broad clinical research expertise and conduct phase I-IV clinical trials in nearly all therapeutic areas.
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Health Care Providers

Helping you and your patients UC Health strives to work with health care providers across the region to ensure optimal care for patients who need specialized health services. Our goal is to achieve a comprehensive and collaborative approach to improving the health of each patient.
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UC Health Researchers

Resources for UC Health Research Faculty & Staff Faculty and staff can login now to to learn about processes and find resources that will help facilitate their clinical research efforts.
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    Study Shows Area Undamaged by Stroke Remains So, Regardless of Time

    A study led by Achala Vagal, MD, found no evidence of time dependence on damageoutcomes for the penumbra, tissue that is at risk of progressing to dead tissueduring stroke.

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