Research in the News

UC Research Widely Represented at 2018 American Transplant Congress

For decades, UC's College of Medicine Transplant Program has broken new groundin the field of organ transplantation which continues at the 2018 AmericanTransplant Congress.

Study Shows Targeted Biopsy for Prostate Cancer More Effective

Researchers at UC have found that MRI fusion biopsy outperformed standardprostate biopsy in patients with a prior negative prostate biopsy.

Join the UC, UC Health Team for Ride Cincinnati Event

Ride Cincinnati, a bike ride and fundraising event benefitting the UC HealthBarrett Cancer Center, will take place Sunday, June 10, at Yeatman's Cove.

Cancer Clinical Trial Coordinators Head to Medical School

UC Cancer Institute Clinical Trials Coordinators Jenna Braun, 23, CamdenMartin, 26, and Audrey McCartney, 23, will begin their journeys as medicalstudents this summer.

Research Shows Potential Benefit of Integrative Medicine Practices

New research from UC shows how integrative practices may help improveresiliency in medical students and reduce symptoms of patients undergoingcancer treatment.

First Patient Treated With Next-Generation Immunotherapy at UC

The first patient in an upcoming national Phase I clinical trial, looking at anext-generation individualized cancer therapy, was treated Tuesday at UCMedical Center.

Therapy After Surgical Removal of Rare Tumors May Not Increase Survival

Results of an analysis show that additional therapy delivered after surgicalremoval of a rare type of gastrointestinal tumor does not increase survivalrates for patients.

Enhanced Recovery Program for Colorectal Surgery Patients Reduces Costs

A standardized protocol for managing patients for the duration of colorectaloperations not only improved clinical outcomes, but also it significantlyreduced hospital costs.

Targeted Treatment Could Prevent Spread of Pancreatic Cancer, Heart Damage

Researchers at the UC College of Medicine have shown that a new targetedtreatment could benefit patients with certain pancreatic tumors.

NIDA Director Nora Volkow to Speak on Opioid Crisis Nov. 27

Nora Volkow, MD, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), willbe the keynote speaker at a public symposium on tackling the opioid crisis onMonday, Nov. 27