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Clinical Research at UC Health

UC Health is involved in research because of its importance in understanding diseases and developing new ways to prevent and treat health problems. We strive to discover therapies that advance medicine and provide hope to patients. At UC Health, caring for patients is our number one priority. Part of this commitment involves conducting medical research with the goal of helping patients live longer, healthier lives.

Choosing to participate in a clinical trial, also known as a research study, is an important personal decision. In order to help you make an informed decision, you should understand what it means to participate in a research study. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section provides detailed information about research study participation. In addition, it’s often helpful to talk to your physician when thinking about participating in a clinical trial.

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    Therapy After Surgical Removal of Rare Tumors May Not Increase Survival

    Results of an analysis show that additional therapy delivered after surgicalremoval of a rare type of gastrointestinal tumor does not increase survivalrates for patients.