They call us tenacious. The authors of breakthroughs. The ambassadors of hope.

With you, we embrace a spirit of purpose. We offer hope.


In Science Lives Hope

As an academic health system, UC Health combines clinical care with education and research to deliver the best possible experience for our patients. Our specialty and sub-specialty physicians, nurses and specialized staff work together to focus on you and your health needs.

We not only lead the region in breakthroughs, we embrace a spirit of purpose – allowing us to offer our patients and their families something that surpasses traditional healthcare providers. At UC Health, we offer hope.

UC Health Experts Help Bearcats Reduce Concussions, Improve Performance S02E04

Multidisciplinary Team Tackles Neuro ICU Cases S02E03

Hundreds Dedicated to Success of Liver Transplants S02E02

Daniel Drake Center Gives Neurologic Patients Renewed Hope S02E01

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Research is necessary to improve healthcare. If you are interested in getting involved, contact our Office of Clinical Research.

University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute

Our diverse group of more than 125 faculty members from 15 clinical specialties lead treatment, research and education for complex neurological and psychiatric conditions.

University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute

This level of care is best provided by highly trained physicians who work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary setting to personalize the treatment of every cancer patient who seeks our services.

University of Cincinnati Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute

Expert physicians, advanced nurse practitioners and sub-specialty care providers come together with researchers from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine to uncover breakthroughs in cardiovascular medicine.