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Future Transplant Patients

Preparing for Your Transplant

University of Cincinnati Medical Center Cincinnati Transplant Center staff will assist you as you prepare for your transplant.

Approval and Wait List

If you’re approved for transplant listing by University of Cincinnati Medical Center Cincinnati Transplant Center for liver or pancreas transplant, you must also be approved by the Ohio Solid Organ Transplantation Consortium (OSOTC). Following OSOTC approval, you’ll be listed with United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) on its national waiting list. UNOS manages information related to donor matching. When an organ is donated, a list of potential recipients that match the organ is generated by the database.

Potential recipients are listed in an order of priority based on medical urgency, blood and tissue type, time waiting, height and weight of candidate, size of organ, geographic location and other factors.

Wait times are uncertain, especially as the number of patients waiting for organs has greatly increased, while the number of donors has not. Keep in mind that the donor must have a blood type compatible with your own and be similar in size and body weight.

The length of time you wait for your transplant also depends on your medical condition. You will continue to be evaluated regularly until transplantation can take place.

Financial Matters and Insurance

Insurance can be complicated. Coverage rules vary because each transplant case has its own unique characteristics. For that reason, University of Cincinnati Medical Center of Cincinnati Transplant Center provides you with a financial coordinator who will help you with the financial concerns related to your transplant.

You or your family may have health insurance coverage through an employer or a personal policy. Many insurance companies offer at least optional coverage for transplant costs. In some cases, insurance companies may pay about 80 percent of your hospital charges.

University of Cincinnati Medical Center Cincinnati Transplant Center participates in all national insurance networks.  Our pre-transplant coordinators and financial coordinators will work with you to meet insurance company requirements for evaluation and transplant approval.  Your financial coordinator will also help you determine your financial eligibility for clinical trials.

Evaluation and Referral

You may be referred to University of Cincinnati Medical Center Transplant Center by your physician, insurance case managers and other transplant centers. You will be evaluated to determine if transplantation is appropriate. This evaluation may include nutrition, dental, cardiology, neurology, nephrology, hematology, pulmonary and psychosocial testing.

Your overall health status is the most important consideration in determining if you are a good candidate for transplant. A thorough screening before transplant ensures your good medical and psychological health. It also determines if you’re properly motivated and have sufficient support to follow your treatment plan.

All patients must also meet the requirements of the State of Ohio Solid Organ Transplant Consortium, including chemical dependency requirements. Some patients may be considered ineligible candidates if they have heart disease, metastatic cancer or other illnesses.