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University of Cincinnati Medical Center Cincinnati Transplant Center and UC researchers are conducting ongoing initiatives in several areas, with focus primarily based on regimens to remove obstacles to transplant:  desensitization, treatment of antibody-mediated rejection using Velcade (bortezimob) – creating national interest – and our decade-long experience with steroid-free immunosuppression, pioneered here at University of Cincinnati and in our renal transplant programs.

Data shows that our steroid-free regimens have resulted in increased graft survival and patient survival rates, in addition to improved quality of life with fewer steroid-related side effects. 

Our researchers routinely present breakthrough findings in genetic and molecular sciences relating to transplantation, including immunosuppression in manipulating the immune response to minimize graft rejection, and prevention and treatment of adverse events, at leading national and international research society meetings, such as the American Transplant Congress and the International Congress of the Transplantation Society.