Our Transplantation Treatments

Heart Transplant

Adult heart transplant patients and families no longer need to leave the Tristate to receive a heart transplant. Our heart transplantation team includes heart surgeons and clinicians specifically trained in advanced heart failure and medical and mechanical heart therapies. Typically, patients are referred for evaluation in our program by their cardiologist, primary care physician, or family doctor. However, patients are welcome to contact us directly for an evaluation.

Kidney Transplant

We perform successful kidney transplants from live donors to recipient patients with excellent results. Our kidney transplant program has completed up to 90 kidney transplants without a transplant failure. We are also proud to be one of the only centers in the country to perform 100% of our live kidney donor surgeries laparoscopically.

Living Donor Transplantation

A kidney from a living donor has better long-term survival rates than kidneys from a deceased donor. The waiting time for a deceased donor kidney could potentially be over 5 years; therefore, kidney donation from a living donor is always the preferred option when available. All transplant patients who are eligible to receive an organ from a living donor are encouraged to reach out to their families, friends, and communities to identify a potential donor. Interested donors can get more information about living donation here. You may also call (513)584-8313 and speak to our living donor nurse.

Liver Transplant

Our liver transplant outcomes are consistently at or above the expected national average and compare competitively to other regional programs. The experience and expertise of our physicians also enable us to handle patients with multiple complications. Thanks to the strong team, high-risk patients have a better opportunity for a liver transplant.

Pancreas Transplant

Our specialized expertise for complex conditions is giving patients opportunities for restored health that were not possible just a few years ago. For example, UC Health performs kidney-pancreas transplants simultaneously in type I diabetes patients with kidney failure.

Hepatobiliary Surgery

Hepatobiliary surgery involves surgery of the liver and biliary system, including the bile ducts and gallbladder. Our cutting-edge hepatology care treats liver conditions such as cancer, hepatitis, HIV, cirrhosis, fatty liver, hemochromatosis and more. The surgeons at UC Health have trained at some of the world’s most prestigious institutions specializing in this area.

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Patient Educational Videos

Watch and learn how to help care for your transplant after surgery.

Meet David, UC Health's First Heart Transplant Patient in 8 Years