Troy’s Testimonial: ‘Out of 5 Stars, They Get 6’

Brain tumor survivor at work.

Small business owner Troy Sheldon underwent surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy at the UC Brain Tumor Center but still missed only two days of work. Photo by Cindy Starr.

Troy Sheldon has something to say, and he’d like to shout it from the rooftops. The 53-year-old resident of Alexandria, Kentucky, has seen what excellent healthcare looks like, and he wants people to know that it’s here at UC Health.

A year out from a diagnosis of brain cancer, Sheldon wants to publicly give the Brain Tumor Center at the University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute the accolades it deserves.

“I want people to understand the quality of care and compassion that I got at the UC Brain Tumor and UC Health,” Sheldon says. “I know there’s MD Anderson and Ohio State, but I would not go anywhere other than UC. Over a period of 13 months, the entire team has been and continues to be outstanding. They are competent, compassionate and caring. They are patient-centric. When I come into the building, they know my name. ‘How are you, Troy? How are you doing?’”

Sheldon’s saga began in January 2016, when he went to the emergency room of a community hospital, thinking he had suffered a stroke. An MRI revealed a mass the size of a grape in a critical location of his brain. A friend urged him to get a second opinion from John M. Tew, MD, a member of the UC Brain Tumor Center, and a day later Sheldon was admitted to the UC Medical Center.

There, the Brain Tumor Center team began collaborating on his care. Leading that team were neurosurgeon Mario Zuccarello, MD; radiation oncologists John Breneman, MD, and Luke Pater, MD; and neuro-oncologist Rekha Chaudhary, MD.

After a new round of testing, Sheldon underwent brain surgery, exactly four days after his diagnosis. Four weeks after surgery, he underwent radiation therapy at the Precision Radiotherapy Center in West Chester, Ohio, and began chemotherapy at West Chester Hospital.

A small business owner, Sheldon missed exactly two days of work throughout his treatment.

“I have no idea what God has planned for my future, whether it will be 5 years or 5 months,” he says. “But I do know He has blessed me with this amazing team of doctors and the amazing staff at the Brain Tumor Center. Because of them, I have been able to focus on my family and business, leaving my medical concerns in their hands. Out of five stars, they get six!”

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