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UC Health is committed to advancing medicine and improving the health of all people – regardless of race, ethnicity, geography or ability to pay. UC Health prides itself on complying with state and national laws requiring hospital charge information to be made available to the public. In accordance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ latest requirements, you will find a list of our standard hospital charges in the file below, made available in a machine-readable format.

To receive a personalized price estimate including out-of-pocket costs
for UC Health hospital services ahead of your visit, please contact
UC Health Pre-Service Estimate Department at 513-418-2678 or email Charges are the same for all patients. However, a patient’s financial responsibility may vary depending on a variety of reasons, including health insurance provider types and more. If you are uninsured or under-insured, our UC Health Patient Financial Services team is here to assist you. We are here to help make your healthcare experience easier. Contact us any time.

Note: Standard hospital charges and estimates are not a guarantee of service. Standard hospital charges do not include non-hospital charges such as physician fees, which may be determined at the time of service.

Click the link below to download the UC Health Patient Pricing Information Lists:
*The Patient Pricing Information is current as of January 1, 2019

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*I agree and accept that the patient pricing information is accurate as of the date listed and to the best ability of UC Health. I further acknowledge the most effective way to receive an estimate of the cost of my care is to contact the Pre-Service Estimate department at 513-418-2678.


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Please choose from the following options for downloading our patient price information lists. Please contact our Pre-Service Estimate team at 513-418-2678 with any questions regarding this information.

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