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  • 03 Aug 15

Scholarvision Episode 6

This ScholarVision features Richard Becker, MD, chief of the Division of Cardiovascular Health and Disease and director, and physician-in-chief of the University of Cincinnati Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute; Joseph Broderick, MD, director of the University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Institute; and William Barrett, MD, director of the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute. They discuss groundbreaking

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  • 27 Feb 17

Working to Change the Leading Cause of Death Throughout the World

Every year, approximately 10 million people worldwide, including 600,000 Americans, suffer from venous thromboembolism (VTE),1 and at least one in 12 middle-aged American adults will develop VTE in their remaining lifetime,2 says Richard C. Becker, MD. These statistics are part of the impetus for a national awareness effort—World Thrombosis Day (WTD), which is designed to

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