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I am so thankful we found Bridgeway Pointe.

"From the efficient friendly admission staff, to the caring understanding nursing staff, to the residents, who were strangers and now are friends, we could have not asked for a better answer. My mom is safe, comfortable and happy. I feel we have found her new home and a wonderful new life. ”

Kitty P., daughter of Jane H., Bridgeway Pointe Resident

Months ago, my family was faced with a tough decision: who can our family trust to care for our parents?

“The decision is the hardest one we have ever faced. We chose Bridgeway Pointe not because all the checklists were complete, but because the staff we met during our tour interacted with residents and were attentive to their needs. More importantly, the residents had smiles on their faces. In all areas of the building you always heard laughter. My parents became a part of the Bridgeway Pointe family and the staff became a part of ours. After all, who can you trust the most to take care of your parents ... FAMILY.”

Son of Bill B., Bridgeway Pointe Resident

Bridgeway Provides Comfort

"My family is pleased with Bridgeway Pointe, mostly impressed with the friendliness of the employees and the lovely surroundings. Our mother is very comfortable living there. Thanks to both she has adjusted fairly easily to the change of address late in her life."

Sue, daughter of Dorothy H., Bridgeway Pointe resident

Bridgeway Provides Peace of Mind

"So much has happened since I made Bridgeway Pointe my new home…We take day trips to different parts of Cincinnati and go to restaurants. You do not have time to be lonely."

Penny W., Bridgeway Pointe Resident


As we grow older, we grow wiser.

Growing older and wiser means knowing exactly what you want. Selecting an assisted living community that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle is an important decision. Whether you’re making that decision for yourself or a loved one, there is wisdom in choosing Bridgeway Pointe Assisted Living – where our number one goal is to connect residents, families and associates to a community dedicated to individual wellness.

At Bridgeway Pointe, we strive to keep residents’ independence intact while simultaneously delivering quality, compassionate care that is provided with respect and integrity.

Located on the Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care campus, Bridgeway Pointe offers quality assisted living services in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. If you enjoy socializing, you will find that it is easy to make friends at Bridgeway Pointe. Days are filled with comfort, ease, companionship and rich experiences. Stories and laughter are shared over coffee in the courtyard or in a pleasant, spacious apartment. Dining is served restaurant style, and life enrichment opportunities include museum trips, shopping excursions, arts and crafts activities, social events, family visits and more.

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