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yogaYoga brings together movement, individual modifications, breath work, and mindful awareness/meditation.  By practicing yoga, studies have shown that benefits may include stress reduction, improved fitness and improved management of chronic conditions.

UC Health Integrative Medicine Yoga Therapy is different than local yoga studios.  Our yoga therapists are trained in working with medical conditions such as recovery from surgery, diabetes, high blood pressure and depression/anxiety.  Our classes are ideal for those interested in adding yoga into their wellness plan regardless of age or fitness level.

Classes will be offered with an emphasis on:

  • Proper physical alignment for optimal health and energy with the cultivation of proper form and body awareness for a safe and effective foundation.
  • Appropriately challenging OR restorative yoga postures depending on the class description as advertised to the public, and the level and overall health of the students attending.
  • Finding respite from the challenges of life through meditation, pranayama (yogic breathing), and live music for relaxation where appropriate.
  • Cultivating self-acceptance, inner peace and a light heart.

Private instruction will also be offered to support your individual needs and goals. Discussion with the instructor beforehand when possible will help to design an optimally beneficial experience.

General Yoga Classes

  • Yoga for Optimal Health
  • Yoga for Restoration & Healing

Condition-Focused Yoga Classes

  • Yoga for Chronic Pain
  • Yoga for Depression

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