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Technology, Systems and Processes

At West Chester Hospital, we make it easy to work efficiently and effectively. We have implemented many exciting technologies to help our physicians and clinicians get patients healthy and home to their families.

Some of our standout features include:

  • Epic electronic medical record system implemented throughout UC Health, including all inpatient and ambulatory facilities
  • Medical, surgical and telemetry units include 36 beds, with two bariatric ceiling lifts and negative airflow rooms on each unit, and entire fifth floor negative air-flow capable
  • Acuity-adjustable, “universal,” bed concept keeps the patient in one room
  • Aggregated 18-bed ICU located on the second floor
  • Every room wired for eICU capability
  • Wireless telemetry throughout the facility with central monitoring unit (CMU) monitoring patient while off the floor
  • Clinical pharmacists available
  • Computer in every patient room and every nurse station, and workstations on wheels (WOWs) available on each unit
  • Navicare® digital patient tracking, providing real-time information about patients as they move throughout the hospital, ensuring efficient patient flow and enhanced patient safety
  • Hill-Rom VersaCare® AIR pressure redistribution mattresses with turn assist, allowing beds to communicate with Navicare Patient Safety Module and infrared tagging
  • IDX Lastword clinical documentation, including online nursing care plans and bar coding for electronic medication administration

Other systems include:

  • Ascom™ wireless phones for clinicians
  • Infrared tracking tags
  • Smart badging for staff
  • Philips physiological monitoring
  • Hospira™ smart intravenous (IV) pumps and patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pump
  • Standard Register arm bands and forms management
  • Streamline Health medical records
  • Mosby’s Nursing Skills (web-based skills reference and competency management tool)
  • Dual-path pneumatic tube system, secured and direct to pharmacy and lab
  • Heartsuite™ integrated cardiology tools
  • Aesculap™ instrument tracking system
  • GE MUSE™ cardiology information system
  • SIS™ surgical information system


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