A Reputation Built on Excellence and Innovation

For over 40 years, UC Health has been a leader and innovator in organ transplantation. Since the success of the first kidney transplant in 1967, the program has built a reputation for excellence.

Today, patients who previously had no hope for a lifesaving transplant benefit from the research and innovations developed by UC Health experts. A growing number of individuals have access to transplants at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, thanks to the progressive approaches developed at UC Health.

Patients receiving transplants at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center can be confident in the quality of their care. The outcomes for kidney, liver and pancreas transplants at UC Health are consistently at or above the national average.

Our Providers

Our transplant specialists work together to care for patients before and after the transplant procedure using innovative, often groundbreaking, approaches.

Our Facilities

Before and after transplant surgery is available at a number of locations throughout the region, making follow-up visits easier for patients outside the Cincinnati area.