Executive Health Program

At UC Health, we understand that time is valuable and that a company’s most valuable asset are the leaders who work hard every day to keep business running effectively and efficiently.  The UC Executive Health Program is designed to fit the busy schedules of business leaders – it is “one stop shopping” for personal health care needs. Annual office visits, examinations, and testing that usually takes hours of one one’s day can be done in just one day. Our program can help identify and treat risk factors before disease sets in while also, encouraging the development of a healthy lifestyle which is crucial for long term health.  You are an important resource for your family and your company – let us help put you on a path towards long-term health and wellness.

Personalized, Comprehensive Medical Services

The UC Executive Health & Wellness Program offers personalized care in a convenient and comfortable setting.  Through an evidence-based approach, our executives are evaluated by a multi-disciplinary team using the leading clinical guidelines and advanced technology.  This results in a comprehensive examination to identify your potential health risks and to formulate appropriate recommendations to modify your lifestyle and enhance your quality of life.

Early detection and prevention of health care problems is the primary goal of your highly personalized evaluation.  We do this in a way that will minimize your time away from the office and provide you with expert recommendations for appropriate follow up care with your family physician or specialists, as necessary.  Consultation is readily available with on-site specialists from various disciplines if issues are identified that require further investigation and treatment.

We strive to have all exams, screenings and tests completed on the same day in the same facility.

Your evaluation will include a complete physical examination, as well as other potential tests, including:

  • Complete health history review
  • Blood tests
  • Dermatologic skin assessment
  • Peak Performance/Life Balance Session
  • Nutrition and Fitness Consultation
  • Bone density study
  • Coronary Calcium Testing
  • Chest x-ray
  • Hearing assessment
  • Gynecological exam (women only)
  • Mammogram (women only)
  • Prostate exam (men only)

And more…..

Please note that all included services are billed directly to the participating company or individual, not your insurance plan.


The UC Health Executive Health & Wellness Program is located at:

3590 Lucille Drive
Cincinnati Ohio 45213
513-245-EXEC (3932)

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For appointments, call (513) 245-EXEC(3932).