Brought to you by the advanced speciality care at UC Health.

Reunite with the things that matter most in your life.

Each of us has a role and a purpose in life. We’re friends, neighbors, coworkers, parents, children or siblings. We’re somebody to someone. And, we all have activities that bring meaning to our lives, such as work, hobbies, spirituality, exercise, school and more.

UC Health has world-class physicians, nurses, technicians, pharmacists and many other experts on our patient care teams. They’re focused on one goal—reuniting you with the people you love and the things that give your life meaning.

We’re proud of the role of we’ve played in helping return people to the lives they’re meant to live. Please read a few of our success stories.

Toni recovered from a Stage III diagnosis to reach out and inspire others.

At age 24, Molly faced a difficult decision. Thanks to the care and guidance of the UC Cancer Institute medical team, Molly is moving forward with confidence.

Eric survived a four-year stint in the Marines that included a stint in Kuwait, only to nearly lose his life after having his tonsils removed.

When seconds counted, John discovered just how much he could count on University of Cincinnati Medical Center’s Level I Trauma Center.

Elaine and her husband, Joe, were ecstatic to learn that they were expecting twins. But, like their path to pregnancy, things didn’t go according to plan.

There was a sliver of a chance, maybe, and most likely the emergency room doctor thought there was no chance at all.

A donor liver – a Gift of Life – had become available from a healthy donor who had unexpectedly passed away.