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Interested in UC Health as a site for your clinical trial?

UC Health is committed to advancing medical knowledge through clinical research. Investigators at the University of Cincinnati are currently conducting hundreds of clinical trials aimed at investigating the safety and effectiveness of new medical therapies and devices.

UC Health is home to numerous patient care facilities, institutes and centers in the Greater Cincinnati area. With two major hospitals and more than 650 physicians and medical practitioners, we are the largest health system in the Tristate. As a result, our investigators have the unique ability to utilize an expanded set of patient populations for possible enrollment into clinical trials.

Trial Start-Up Procedures at UC Health

For industry-sponsored clinical trials, please contact the UC Health Office of Clinical Research at (513) 245-3415 or  Our efficient start-up process offers a competitive advantage in the goal to conduct clinical trials on time and within budget. We provide clinical investigators and sponsors with comprehensive support services, research tools and resources to facilitate clinical research studies. For government (NIH, DOD, etc.) clinical trials please contact the UC Health Office of Clinical Research.

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    Study Shows Targeted Biopsy for Prostate Cancer More Effective

    Researchers at UC have found that MRI fusion biopsy outperformed standardprostate biopsy in patients with a prior negative prostate biopsy.