Clinical Study

Cutaneous And Systemic Reactions To Metal Implants: Use Of Patch Testing For Prior And Post Placement Of Metal Orthopedic Implants

Posted Date: Feb 18, 2015

  • Investigator: Jonathan Bernstein
  • Specialties:
  • Type of Study: Observational/Survey

You are being asked because you will be receiving a metal implant into your body and have a history of allergies to metals. OR You are being asked because you may be a person who has received a patch test previously which showed that you are negative to metal allergies and since your surgery, you developed symptoms (such as pain, rash or itching). You will then be asked to do the patch testing again to see if the same allergy to metals is now positive. OR You are being asked because you may be a person who has already had metal implanted in your body and then developed symptoms of pain, rash or itch. We want to know if you have developed an allergy to metals and it is related to your symptoms.


Must Be Receiving A Metal Implant Into Your Body And Have A History Of Allergies To Metals. Or Anyone Who Has Received A Patch Test Previously Which Showed That You Are Negative To Metal Allergies And Since Your Surgery, You Developed Symptoms (Such As Pain, Rash Or Itching). Or You Already Had Metal Implanted In Your Body And Then Developed Symptoms Of Pain, Rash Or Itch.


Patch Testing , Joint Replacements, Prosthetics, Metal Allergy, Null

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