Clinical Study

Phase II Trial Of Smo/Akt/Nf2 Inhibitors In Progressive Meningiomas With Smo/Akt/Nf2 Mutations

Posted Date: Jan 2, 2018

  • Investigator: Rekha Chaudhary
  • Specialties: Hematology/Oncology, Oncology, Neurosurgery, Cancer
  • Type of Study: Drug

The purpose of this study is to test good and bad effects of these two different drugs against meningioma tumors with altered genes. Today, therapy for meningioma is the same for all patients, and is not based on tumor genetic testing. This trial is trying to see if tumor genetic testing would be helpful at guiding treatment in patients such as you. Researchers have looked at the DNA material (genes) that can be affected in meningioma and have found several genes that are altered, or mutated. These include the genes called SMO and NF2. When the SMO or NF2 genes are altered, it can cause a tumor to grow. There are medications that target these 2 genes.


To Be Eligible To Participate, Patients Must Have A Meningioma Which Has Gotten Bigger Or Grew Back After Treatment.


A071401, Cancer, Brain, Smo/Akt/Nf2 Mutation, Meningioma

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