Clinical Study

Stressful Episodes For Stroke Caregivers Electronic Diary Study

Posted Date: Aug 23, 2017

  • Investigator: Michael Mccarthy
  • Specialties: Depression, Psychiatry/Psychology, Stroke, Neurology
  • Type of Study: Observational/Survey

You are invited to take part in a research study about how stroke survivors and their caregivers deal with the stress of having a stroke. Your unique and valuable input may help other people cope better with stroke. There will be two interviews involving the stroke caregiver and the stroke survivor — both parties must be willing to participate. This study will also involve the caregiver keeping a daily eDiary.


Adults With A Loved One Who Has Recently Experienced A Stroke And Has Returned To Living In The Community Or Will Return Soon.


Mood, Stress, Stroke, Relationships, Caregiver

For More Information:

Jeff Schellinger, Michael Mccarthy
(513) 236-4668, (513) 556-3879