Clinical Study

Inflammation Biomarkers And Treatment Outcome In Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Posted Date: Jul 31, 2017

  • Investigator: Harsh Sachdeva
  • Specialties:
  • Type of Study: Observational/Survey

Patients with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) sometimes get good pain relief from sympathetic block procedures. Other patients may have a very small response. The purpose of this research study is to see whether a blood test can help predict whether or not a patient will be helped by sympathetic blocks. We will measure levels in your blood of several compounds that are related to inflammation.


You Are Being Asked To Take Part In This Research Study Because You Are At Least 18 Years Old And Have Been Diagnosed With Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (Crps) And Recommended To Have A Sympathetic Block Procedure For Pain Relief.


Sympathetic Block Procedure, Pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Null, Null

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