A Change of Season Means…
It’s Time to Enhance Your Skin Care Routine!

Autumn is upon us, and this time of year is the perfect time to enhance your skin care routine. Our skin can change over time due to pregnancy, hormones, overall health, age and environment. Schedule a skin care evaluation and assessment today to update your current skin care routine, and to learn about our new product regimen kits! Click here to learn more about our services and procedures.

Fall Skin Care Specials!
Microdermabrasion Series
(Includes Face, Neck and Décolletage)
15% Off Purchase of 3 or More Products

Offer valid only Sept. 1, 2017 – Oct. 31, 2017

Non-Surgical Options:
Microdermabrasion • Light Exfoliating Peels • Botox • Dermal Fillers • Photofacials • Hair Reduction • TCA peels

Surgical Options:
Breast Augmentation • Breast Lift • Breast Reduction • Eyelid Surgery • Facelift • Modified Facelift • Brow Lift • Neck Lift • Nose Reshaping • Liposuction • Tummy Tuck • Body Lift

Call (513) 475-8881 to schedule an appointment. Click here to learn more. 

A complimentary physician consultation is needed before receiving treatment(s).

(1.) Our physicians reserve the right to decline to perform a medical procedure if the recipient is deemed medically unsuitable after a thorough medical evaluation. (2.) UC Health Plastic Surgery will not be financially liable in any way for procedures refused for medical reasons. (3.) The recipient may refuse any procedure they are not comfortable with receiving, while still receiving any they do want