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Cheng Named Chair of Neurosurgery at UC

Joseph Cheng, MD, professor and vice chair of neurosurgery at the Yale School of Medicine, has been named professor and chair of the University of [...]

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Diet Soda Associated with Increase in Dementia and Stroke, Study Finds

Just when you thought there were no more dietary pitfalls to worry about, a study published in the journal Stroke has found an association between [...]

Michael's Story: A Drug Studied at UC Health Stopped MS in Its Tracks

Michael Farrow was the tough guy. He was known as Big-un’ in some circles and, affectionately, as Tiny in others. In his day job he [...]

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UC Health Helps Families Facing Huntington’s Disease Take a Significant Step Forward

Among the many movement disorders treated at UC Health, Huntington’s disease (HD) stands apart. Described as a “tragic inheritance,” it is autosomal-dominant, which means that [...]

Microbiome and the Mind: Speaker Sees Promise in Exploring Brain-Gut Connections

The UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute presented its first Neuroscience Day as part of Research Week 2017. One of the day’s events included neuroscience guest speaker [...]

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New Drug Tested at UC Health Is a Game-Changer for People with MS

A new drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration and studied at the University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute wil be a game-changer for [...]

UC Epilepsy Center Receives Nation’s Highest Care Designation

The Epilepsy Center at the University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute has once again been designated a Level 4 Epilepsy Center by the National Association [...]

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Stress a Common Seizure Trigger in Epilepsy, UC Study Affirms

People with epilepsy face many challenges, but perhaps the most difficult of all is the unpredictability of seizure occurrence. One of the most commonly reported [...]

UC Health reveals design for $60M building

UC Health today revealed the design of a $60.5 million building that appears destined to be a landmark for both its architecture and the medical [...]